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Design Build is a proficient approach to residential construction. We create integrity within our design build process by working in collaboration with our designers, architects, engineers, and lead carpenters throughout the entire process. This streamlines the process by ensuring clear communication with all professionals working together on the project, saving time and money while creating a stunning finished product.

Why Design Build?

Proficient Collaboration

Working in collaboration with our designers, engineers, architects, and lead carpenters we have created a comprehensive design build process. This allows us to efficiently develop your project from inspiration and ideas into completion from concept to delivery. The design build process is a streamlined approach unlike the traditional construction method, adaptable to all project types and situations.

Smarter Budgeting

Design and budget go hand-in-hand. Unlike the traditional process where you have an ideal budget, go through the design step then find a builder to bid the project, only to find out the design you’ve produced is over budget and out of your price range. With the Design Build process, from the initial conversation, we discuss your design and dial in a realistic budget. From here we can design based on the ideal budget. Therefore when changes come up we can provide costs associated with any changes that need to be made.

Efficient Delivery

Working directly with our team allows for a streamlined process from design, to budget, to build. It allows for clear communication between the team, thus saving time and money while delivering a beautiful home.

It has been such a pleasure working with Tectonic DB. Dylan is professional, meticulous, and deeply respectful and accommodating. He has incredible attention to detail and takes pride in his work—as he well should!

Yaël Goldfeder – Interior Remodel

Design / Build Steps:

1. Initial Consultation / Pre-Proposal

To get started on a project with Tectonic Design Build in the Boulder CO area, fill out our short form at the bottom of this page. You can expect a call from us in two-four days. We’ll set up a pre-construction discussion by phone or an online meeting between you and our design team. We collaborate with our homeowners to help perfect your design ideas and work together towards an agreement on the project budget.

We will provide you with quick estimates of potential project costs based on similar projects and average costs in your area. 

2. Pre-Construction

Once we reach a mutual agreement on the budget and the schedule, we begin the Pre-Construction process. We’ll collaborate with our team to develop your project design, schedule, ensure your budget is on track and help you make all the selections for your project. Our project budget consists of hard priced items that we can commit costs to, and lists allowances that could vary once we start your project.

For Pre-Construction services, we request a retainer. Costs will depend on the project and will be applied to our construction management fee when the construction phase starts. For this portion of the process, we bill hourly and set a target amount of hours.

3. Pricing / Design Finalization

At this point Tectonic Design Build will host a meeting with you to present our proposed budget.

Depending on your project, we may present several budget proposals to help you manage costs. We’ll explain how we created value for your project and how it impacts your design. A note about budgeting – we suggest homeowners consider a 10% contingency in the budget, money set aside for unexpected changes in the project.

We won’t be increasing the budget here, but we feel a budget “cushion” is helpful at the beginning of construction while we are uncovering the old and discover the true scope of the project to build the new.

Here’s an example of how the 10% contingency in the budget comes into play: Let’s say we open a wall in your bathroom and discover water damage from years of a leak in the shower. We need to make the repair to ensure our work will last.

The timeline of the pricing and design process depends on the size of the project, the homeowner’s decisions, and the team’s (Homeowner, Architect, Builder) collaboration.

You are working with the owner, and possibly one Project Manager at this point.


When we begin the construction phase, your design is complete and all of your selections have been made. At this point, we’re fully ramping up for a smooth execution of your project.

A complete design is crucial to nailing the details of your project. For example, knowing the cabinet layout allows us to add appropriate blocking for cabinet install in the framing phase, and understanding the tile layout allows us to frame accordingly.

When we begin construction, your project will have a project manager that’s responsible for the flow of your project, coordinating with you, designers, and lead carpenters to ensure things move smoothly, and work is done to the Tectonic standard.

Our carpentry team is responsible for all things carpentry from framing to finish. They’re the team executing the project. The lead carpenter is responsible for managing carpenters, apprentices, and subcontractors on the job site. The lead carpenter and project manager work hand-in-hand to execute the project and adapt to challenges that come up in the field. We self perform everything carpentry-related to ensure the craftsmanship meets our standards.

Changes in the initial scope of work will be delivered in the form of a “change order”, detailing the work you’re choosing to add to the project, the implications in the schedule, and if applicable, the cost associated with the changes. Change orders do not always have added cost, but they will always affect the schedule.

We treat our projects with the highest respect and prioritize job site cleanliness and organization. At any time, you can walk through the job and observe the transformations happening in your home.

Prior to the final project clean, we walk through the job with you and our designer to generate the final punch list and make sure all the details are nailed. After all our work is complete, we professionally clean your space. Then we welcome you to move into your new space.

The Tectonic Advantage


As passionate craftsmen, we’re proud to build custom cabinets, built-ins and create unique and millwork. We’re skilled in designing, fabricating, and installing cabinetry.

We work closely with Merillat Cabinets for cabinets and millwork.


At Tectonic Design Build we use a system called CoConstruct, user-friendly software with a comprehensive client interface. All of your job-related information is tracked on this platform, which you can check on at any time from a computer or app on your phone. We highly encourage you to follow along with your job in the app.

Examples of what you’ll find in CoConstruct:

  • Job-specific email messaging- one place to store all project emails
  • Daily progress tracking- like who was on-site and key photos
  • Live budget updates
  • The project schedule – updated weekly
  • Change Orders – issued,stored, and tracked
  • All client selections are stored and available to use for finalizing
  • Specifications and drawings
  • Warranty requests submissions

Every Friday we meet with you to share progress, photos, a summary of work completed, and what is coming up the next week.


Our Punch List is simple:

The punch list is the final step in completing your project.

  • As we near the end of the project, we create a punch list to capture and address all minor issues.
  • Then a meeting is scheduled with the homeowner, designer, and builder to review the list is at 100% and captures all minor issues.
  • Next, we create target completion dates for the remaining punch list and mutually agree on the list.
  • After the list is agreed upon, final payment is due.
  • Any additional items after this list is finalized will be handled during our warranty period.

Our Warranty

Once the final payment is made, the warranty phase begins. The warranty covers two years on all workmanship. Product warranties are per product, and we will facilitate warranties for these products.

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