Why Choose the Design-Build Process?

“I’ve been exploring the meaning of design/build – what does it mean for Tectonic? It’s a collaborative process, taking concepts,  ideas, inspirations, and melding them into a detailed plan of how to get from here to there.”  – Dylan, Tectonic Design Build Founder

Our Thoughts on the Design-Build Process

Here at Tectonic Design Build, we believe the design-build method of construction is a more streamlined approach compared to  “older”  traditional methods. We want to transform your home into a comfortable, functional, and well-crafted space with open communications across all parties during the whole project. 

We work in collaboration with our designers, engineers, architects, and lead carpenters to create a comprehensive design-build process. With the design-build method, we can efficiently develop your project from inspiration and ideas into a concept, delivery, and completion.

How Does the Design-Build process in construction differ from the traditional construction method?

The design-build process is a streamlined, collaborative approach to home remodeling and new construction. In this method of project delivery, the design-build team works under just ONE contract with the project owner to for design and construction services. One entity, one contract, one unified flow of work from initial concept through completion.

In the traditional design-bid-build process, the designer and the contractor work separately. This construction method is considered to be a more siloed approach, where each team works separately on their own with little communications with the other teams. This could lead to costly errors and loss of time. For example, if a contractor doesn’t have any contact with the designer, the homeowner’s vision could be miscommunicated, resulting in a project that is not the desired final result. These errors could result in lost time and an elevated budget. 

Design-build is adaptable to all project types and situations and functions as a great equalizer in making sure all lines of communications are open between all parties. When everyone works together they are on the same page when it comes to a schedule and the budget.  If questions arise along the way, the lines of communication are already open, making it easier to connect with a member of another team  In DB all the teams work together from start to finish, while in the older methods of project management, each team works separately with little communication.

What are some of the benefits of the design-build construction method?

By choosing the design-build process over traditional construction methods, many homeowners have noticed that they were able to stick to the original budget, and the project was delivered on-time.  The open communications between all parties involved in the project – from designers to contractors during all phases help keep home remodeling and new construction on track in both the time and money categories.

According to a recent article, homeowners considering a new construction or home renovation project could enjoy big benefits by breaking away from traditional construction methods and selecting design-build.
“On average, the design-build method saves 6.1 percent and delivers projects 33.5 percent faster than traditional general contracting.”

How does Tectonic Design Build manage the construction process?

We use the design-build approach when it comes to working with our Colorado homeowners on their home remodeling and new construction projects  We believe the design-build method results in better budgeting and helps create a more efficient delivery of the final projects.  The Tectonic Design Build team also feels that collaboration between all parties involved in any given project is key to open communications.   Learn more about our design-build process and philosophy HERE. 


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